Project Linus

Project Linus – providing security through blankets. “As Charles Schulz’s Linus character from the PEANUTS® comic strip was comforted by his blanket, Project Linus strives to do the same and more for children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need. The blankets our nearly 400 chapter coordinators collect from thousands of “blanketeers” (volunteers) across the United States and then distributed to these children provide love, a sense of security, warmth, and comfort.”


Stitch Red – Heart Disease

Stitch Red draws attention to Heart Disease, the #1 Killer of Women in the United States. To help – buy a product: More than 60 manufacturers and retailers in the needlearts industry have created one-of-a-kind Stitch Red products to be sold in local yarn shops throughout the country.


Handmade Especially for You

Handmade’s mission is “to give every abused woman who comes into a shelter a comfort scarf simply because she was brave enough to leave her abusive situation. Most of these women have never received a personal gift, much less a handmade personal gift.” Handmade hopes the scarf is a symbol of her transformation.


Halos of Hope

Bringing comfort to those living through the side effects of chemotherapy by providing crocheted or knitted chemo caps.


Purple Stitch Project

Crochet a Gift for a Child with a Seizure Disorder /Purple Stitch Project (PSP)
Purple Stitch Project (PSP) was founded by designer, author and on-air personality, Vickie Howell.

Purple Stitch Project (PSP) is a web-based charitable organization to benefit babies, children and teens with epilepsy. The first goal of this initiative is a call to action for people who knit, crochet, or sew to make purple (the epilepsy awareness color) gifts for kids with seizure disorders.


Warm Up America with Crochet

Volunteers crochet or knit a single 7″ x 9″ rectangle (or more). Sections are either joined by individuals or groups in a community, creating a patchwork quilt of many colors and textures, just as the participants and recipients represent the varied faces of America. Then these afghans are donated locally or sent to Foundation headquarters. For more information, including free patterns, how-to tips and labels to print, visit Warm Up America! at


Hugs for Homeless Animals – Snuggles Project

Hugs for Homeless Animals is a nonprofit organization dedicated to homeless and displaced animals worldwide. Snuggles are security blankets for shelter animals. They provide physical and psychological comfort to the animals awaiting new homes.


Bandage Brigade

Are you looking for an unusual way to help others with your crochet? The D.O.V.E. Fund is a non-profit organization, founded in 2000, whose goal is to provide humanitarian and developmental assistance to impoverished areas of Vietnam. One of the wings is called the Bandage Brigade. Its volunteers provide hand-knitted (or crocheted) bandages to the various leper colonies banished to the mountainous areas of the Asian nation.


Hat Box Foundation

The Hat Box Foundation is different from other organizations since they only distribute 100% hand-made hats. Their message is – Something made from the heart can help heal the human spirit. The Foundation was inspired by a young girl who was diagnosed with bone cancer in the summer of 2007. To date, this family-run, non-profit foundation has collected and distributed over 10,000 free hats to nearly 120 cancer treatment centers across the country!

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