Free Simple & Sensational Patterns

Click on the Pattern Name below for your FREE Simple & Sensational Crochet™ patterns! Each new pattern builds on the skills learned in the previous lesson. While you learn to crochet, you also make beautiful and practical items. Create Luxury for Less – for yourself and others!

Yarn – Hook Guidelines Chart – One chart shows Yarn Weight Guidelines; the other shows Crochet Hook Conversions.

Slip Stitch Scarf  – Slip Stitch ScarfFor the beginning crocheter to learn the basic crochet slip stitch and use it immediately to crochet a great scarf.

Single Crochet Striped PurseSS SC Striped Purse 1This colorful and fun purse is perfect for girls of any age. And best thing – it’s crocheted with only single crochets. Practice making a single crochet and create a great casual purse for yourself or some lucky young lady.

Half Double Crochet ScarfSS - Hdc scarfThis beautiful, cuddly scarf made with decorative yarns is perfect for a cold wintry day. Or make several shorter “scarves” and connect them with the half double crochet stitch to create a striking baby blanket or afghan. And the best thing – they are all crocheted with only half double crochets.

Double Crochet with a Twist Scarf – DC with a Twist ScarfAn elegant yet easy-to-crochet Simple & Sensational™ scarf is perfect for any occasion or any age.


Woven Filet Mesh Lap Throw – Woven mat2A gorgeous plaid lap throw woven through a crocheted filet mesh.


Double Crochet Ruffled Scarf Dc Ruffled ScarfUse mesh yarn to create a beautiful, fluffy ruffled scarf.


Afghan Stitch Ruffled Scarf Rainbow Ruffle ScarfUse the Afghan (Tunisian) Stitch and Mesh Yarn to create a ruffled scarf.


Basic Granny Square Scarf Granny Square ScarfCrochet an easy to make, but lovely to wear basic granny square scarf.


Triple Front Post Striped Design – DSC00606Bold, abstract stripes on one side of the Triple Front Post Stitch design; even stripes with a running stitch of another color on the other side.

Afghan or Tunisian Basic or Simple Stitch – Basic TThe basic Afghan or Tunisian Crochet stitch (sometimes called a Knit Stitch) creates a knit-like fabric with an Afghan or Tunisian Crochet hook. This stitch creates small squares perfect for further decorative needlework or a beautiful texture using a self-striping yarn.

Afghan or Tunisian Purl Stitch – Purl 2The Afghan or Tunisian Crochet creates a knit-like fabric with an Afghan or Tunisian Crochet hook. The Purl Stitch results in a wavy running stitch across the surface which is lovely on its own but is often used to begin and end a project to prevent curling.

Afghan or Tunisian Knit Stitch – Knit TThe Afghan or Tunisian Crochet creates a knit-like fabric with an Afghan or Tunisian Crochet hook. The Knit Stitch actually looks like knitting with its columns of inverted “V’s”.


Afghan or Tunisian Waffle Stitch – WaffleThe Afghan or Tunisian Crochet Waffle Stitch (including the secret to keep your fabric from “growing” in one direction) creates a beautiful textured, reversible, knit-like fabric perfect for a baby blanket or afghan panel.


Afghan or Tunisian Waffle Stitch Poncho poncho2When the weather turns cool, instead of reaching for a sweater, how about a soft and cuddly poncho? This month’s free pattern is a multi-striped, fringed poncho, reminiscent of the 60s but with a modern twist. Extra soft, self-striping yarn is used to crochet two panels from the Tunisian Crochet Waffle Stitch. Unite the panels, add a touch of fringe and you’re ready to face the autumn chill!


Reversible Front Post Cap & ScarfCap1Made from recycled blue jeans, this denim cotton yarn creates a soft hat and scarf appropriate for any age. Adjust the size to fit a baby or adult’s head and you have a lovely gift that can be worn all year round. Add the scarf to fight off a cool breeze or let it hang loosely as a complement to casual wear. Either way, this easy-to-crochet combo is a great addition to any outfit!

Queen of Hearts ScarfQueen of Hearts ScarfWith its various textures and shades of red, Red Heart Boutique Changes inspired me to crochet the Queen of Hearts Scarf.



Glistening Waters ScarfGlistening WatersLike glistening waters on a beautiful spring day, this scarf sparkles in bright blue and green. When the sequins catch the light, the shimmer will catch everyone’s eye. Easy to make in basic crochet stitches, it’s a fun addition to your wardrobe. The yarn combination is definitely what caught my attention and inspired me to crochet something from it.


Striped Shell Baby Blanket– Striped Shell closeupCrochet this easy, but eye-catching baby blanket with repeating bold stripes. Follow the color chart or use your yarn stash to create a unique baby blanket or afghan for yourself or a friend.


Sherbet Shell Baby Blanket – Shell w cl1A puffy shell pattern accented with a Front Post Cluster edging along the color change rows gives this design its WOW factor. Dramatic ridges add texture as well as pops of color to this joyous baby blanket. Or use the pattern to create a wonderful afghan with your yarn stash.


Double Crochet with a Twist Baby BlanketDc w twist2 It’s easy. Yet the twisted double crochets give this baby blanket (or afghan) an intricate-looking design that appears much harder than it is. You’ll enjoy using this pattern over and over again.

Basic Chevron Baby Blanket chevronThe chevron is a bold and versatile design, yet very simple to do using only double crochets. It makes a great baby blanket or afghan. And best of all, it’s the perfect pattern for using up scrap yarn. Make each stripe a different color or join yarns as you go to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Single Crochet Woven Scarf – sc-diagonal-scarfCreate a beautiful scarf with single crochets and the chain stitch. It’s a great project for using your yarn stash! Simply add fringe to the eyelet plain scarf. If you choose, you can take some decorative yarn or combine several different yarns to weave through the eyelet spaces, creating an eye-catching diagonal pattern. Add fringe in the various woven colors and you have a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one.

3-in-1 Double Crochet Woven Scarfdc-woven-scarfCreate a beautiful scarf with double crochets and woven yarn or ribbons. It’s a great project for using your yarn stash!  Add fringe in the various woven colors and you have a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one.


Bric-a-Brac Striped Baby Blanket – bricabracA bold classic stripe is the perfect addition to any décor. But this time there’s a twist. Bric-a-brac edging is often seen on chevron stripes. However, now it adds a fresh surprise to straight-line stripes. Whether crocheted in soft baby colors or made with your yarn stash, the end result will brighten any baby’s room.

Doggie Biscuit Toy – doggie-biscuitA fun crocheted dog toy. Make it in several sizes from scrap yarn. Great for your dog or as a donation to a local shelter or animal fundraising event.

Shell Lace Scarf – shell-lace-scarfAn easy but beautiful scarf that combines two basic stitches – the shell and V-stitch – to create a lacy fabric. Great for dressing up any outfit!


Picot Scarf with Corkscrew Fringe – picot-scarfA beautiful picot-textured scarf with corkscrew fringe. A real show stopper!



Spike Stitch Striped Scarf – ss-spike-scarfA beautiful but simple scarf.



Doggie Digs Mat – doggie-mat.jpgAny pooch will have sweet dreams on his own Doggie Digs.  For added strength and padding, the mat is worked with double strands of yarn.  Of course, it’s also a wonderful project for using your yarn stash since it can be made with two strands in multiple yarn colors.

Star Stitch Scarf – star-stitch-scarfBeautiful, textured scarf using the star stitch pattern.



Classic Lace Wrapsk-lace-shawl1Use the Solomon’s Knot or Lover’s Knot stitch to create a delicate, elegant wrap.


Bobble Lace Scarf bobble-lace-scarfA beautifully textured scarf to practice making your bobbles.


ruby-romance  Ruby Romance Evening Clutch – The perfect bag for a romantic night out.

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