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Captions or What’s she saying?

While watching a video demonstration have you ever wondered – What’s she saying?

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When shooting videos, I know I stumble over words, I’m not always articulate about the process and sometimes I actually say the wrong word. So what’s the solution? Captions. I’ve begun adding captions to all my videos. The new ones have captions available upon release and I’m working on including captions with the older videos too.

The beauty about captions is you can choose to use them or not. If you choose to use captions, simply turn them on by hovering over or clicking on the closed caption (cc) button located at the bottom right of the video player. The menu opens. English (transcribed) is the Google Translate machine translation. Even though it is well intentioned, unfortunately the translation rarely makes any sense. So instead click the English – Ruffled Purse (or name of pattern/design) translation instead since these are the captions I’ve added in English.

If you need to view the captions in another language, first open the closed caption (cc) button and then click inside the language box. Scroll through the list until you find the language that you want. Click OK to set the language.

Hopefully, captions will help to make the videos and the processes presented easier to understand and available to more viewers.


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