Tanis Galik

Adding Wire to Your Crochet Projects

Incorporating wire into some of your projects gives them extra body. I used a 20-gauge craft wire that you can find in a craft store’s jewelry section. Of course, what is nice – the wire comes in a variety of colors. I used black for this project since I worked with black nylon yarn for […]

Goodbye to Mesh, Ribbon and Fabric Yarn

Unfortunately many of the ribbon and mesh yarns have been discontinued. However, you may be one of the lucky ones to still have a ball or two. If not, maybe you can search and find some. I especially enjoyed working with this type of “yarn” combined with more traditional yarn as its base. I’m definitely […]

Crochet! Spring 2016

I’m happy to announce that I have two new patterns featured in the Crochet! Spring 2016 edition. The Hanover Baby Blanket is found on page 90 of Crochet! Spring 2016. Work Tunisian crochet in columns turning this unisex baby blanket on its end. Use the waffle stitch to create a zigzag pattern. Then connect as […]

Welcome to All Things Crochet!

In this blog I’ll be discussing various crochet stitches and techniques as I continue to explore them myself. I love learning new techniques, experimenting with known stitches and developing new ways to use them. I also love crocheting and enjoying sharing it with others. Subscribe to My Crochet Channel or go to: YouTube.com TanisGalik First, there […]

How to Block a Crocheted Item

Blocking a crocheted item gives it a finished, professional look. The process of blocking involves shaping and pinning the crocheted piece into the correct shape before completing an item. It is especially useful Subscribe to My Crochet Channel or go to: YouTube.com TanisGalik in taking various shapes such as squares and making them a consistent size […]

Why Meet with Local Crafters?

I live in a small town. While visiting a local sanctuary for abandoned animals, the tour guide (knowing I’m a crocheter), asked if I could refer her to any spinners. They had just sheared their alpacas, sheep and other yarn-producing animals and they wanted to sell the “wool” at a large discount to someone who […]

How to Crochet with Mesh Yarn

There are several companies producing a variegated acrylic yarn which, when spread out, looks like a mesh web. Its principle use is to create ruffles for decorating other items or making a scarf. Subscribe to My Crochet Channel or go to: YouTube.com TanisGalik One mesh yarn is made by Bernat (www.bernat.com). Two versions of a crocheted […]

Using Crocheted Edgings on your Handmade Projects

Nothing adds a personal touch to your crocheted or knitted item than including a handmade edging. No matter the pattern or design, adding a beautiful edging will only enhance the beauty and uniqueness of any afghan, baby blanket, sweater, shawl, scarf or hat you make. Subscribe to My Crochet Channel or go to: YouTube.com TanisGalik The […]

Beyond the Basic Granny Square – Part 1

101 Granny Squares – New Motifs for Contemporary Designs edited by Carol Alexander This book contains patterns by 26 designers, many very well known. Basic granny squares are incorporated into cardigans, jewelry, purses, clothing, hats, curtains, tablecloths, and rugs. A few I really like are the Reversible Button & Beads Headband and the free-form Bag […]

Thank You Crochet Today!

As I was going through my new Crochet Today! Magazine, what did I find? A nice review of my book, Interlocking Crochet™! This was a really nice surprise so thank you to Crochet Today! Subscribe to My Crochet Channel or go to: YouTube.com TanisGalik If you don’t have your own copy, go to their webpage http://www.crochettoday.com.