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Crochet a Ruby Garland Boa

Make a sea of ruffles using a ribbon yarn and a base yarn.

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Video: Simple & Sensational™ – Red Garland Boa
Written Pattern: Simple & Sensational™ – Red Garland Boa

Start by carefully unwinding the TuTu Lamé skein (or any ribbon yarn) and rewind the ribbon on a piece of cardboard, keeping the ribbon flat and untangled. Smooth the ends or cut them off.

With Panda Silk or your foundation yarn chain 21 (or desired number), single crochet in second chain from hook and single crochet in each chain. You now have your base. Chain two and turn.

Normally you would chain three and it would count as your first double crochet—but not in this pattern. Yarn over and insert hook under the top two loops of the first single crochet. (Do not skip the first single crochet.)

LaddersPick up your ribbon yarn and begin by folding at least two top loops or ladders over. (The loops or ladders run along the top of the ribbon yarn.) Fold it over so the end is on the inside. Always run the ribbon along the back of the base. Put the ribbon against the back of the base and continue inserting the hook through the first ribbon ladder, yarn over and pull through the ribbon ladder and the single crochet. There are three loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through two loops on the hook twice. You have completed a regular double crochet.

Continue working along the base uniting the ribbon to the back of the base with a double crochet. Of course, the loops or ladders are spaced farther apart than the base stitches. This is what creates the dense ruffles. Be sure not to work double in the same loop or ladder. Also, after you finish each row, very gently pull your ruffles down to help even off the mesh that hangs down.

When you reach the edge of your base, chain two and turn. Be sure to pull your ribbon flat and untwisted against the back as you turn. Continue working double crochets as before. Don’t skip that first double crochet, but work into the first stitch. All rows are now double crochets.

When you reach the end of the last row, work just as you did in the beginning. Fold over the last two or three ribbon ladders. This gives you a clean edge at the beginning and end.

This technique creates beautiful ruffles you can use as a scarf, an edging on another item or as a larger all-ruffles project.


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