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Decorate Your crochet with the Chain Stitch

One of the easiest ways to personalize your crocheted project is by creating lines, plaids, spirals and other shapes with the chain stitch.

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Video Simple & Sensational™ – Decorating Crochet with the Chain Stitch

Begin by wrapping the yarn around your finger, making a loop. Place the loop on your hook. Starting at the edge of the article insert your hook through the fabric, carry the yarn along the back, grab the yarn with your hook and pull it through the fabric and the loop on the hook making a chain stitch. Continue inserting the hook through the fabric, grabbing the yarn running along the back and making chain stitches. Work to the edge. End off by pulling the yarn through the loop, making a knot. Cut the yarn and weave in the ends.

ChainStripeYou can use yarn with sequins as I did on this scarf to create eye-catching straight lines.



ChainPlaidYou can also create a plaid effect. Work a couple of rows of single crochet in one color and then alternate between two or more colors to create stripes. Turn your project sideways and use the running chain stitch in various colors to create a plaid.


ChainSwirlYou can make other designs also. Pull a loop through the center of your fabric instead of starting at the edge and make a spiral design. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


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