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Decorate your Crocheted Projects with Button Fringe

Video: Creating Button Fringe

Button FringeAs you can see, the fringe in this picture has buttons added to it. Whether you have a collection of buttons you’ve saved over the years or buy packets of buttons especially for your project, it’s an easy decoration that adds punch and a bit of fun to any scarf or purse.

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To begin, you’ll need a tapestry needle (which has a dull tip) or a darning needle (which has a pointed tip). The most important thing – the eye must be very large so you can easily pull the yarn you are using through it. Also, be sure your needle will pass through the button’s holes.

Needle1The best way to thread the needle is to wrap it very tightly around the base of the needle. Then holding the fold between your fingers, push the folded end through the eye (demonstrated in video).


Knot2If you have a specific spot where you want the button located, first tie a knot in that spot. Thread your button as you normally would – sewing from back to front and front to back through the button’s holes. Move the button to the knot. Turn it over. Then wrap your needle behind the knot, put the needle through the thread loop and tighten. You’ve created a second knot over the first one and your button is securely in place.

If the button doesn’t have to be in a specific spot, you won’t need to tie a beginning knot. Sew the button on the fringe string, pull the button to the desired location and knot it on the back as above.


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