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Discover Elastic Yarn Thread from Clover

Crochet simultaneously with this new elastic yarn thread proven to hold crochet projects – socks, hats, cuffs, collars, ribbing, etc – in their beautiful shape.

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This Elastic Yarn Thread is a carry-along elastic that may be just what you need to keep your crochet fabric in its desired shape. It’s perfect for using with cotton, rayon or bamboo yarns that lack elasticity. The opaque thread is thin enough not to affect your gauge, so you can use it in some areas and not in others. It comes in a 98 yd/90m spool, which stretches up to 197 yards.

It can also be used on finished projects that need some extra tightening. Just double or triple the thread, use a tapestry needle to weave it through the wrong side where necessary, snug up the problem spot and tie off the thread. Your project is as good as new or even better.

For more information: www.clover-usa.com.


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