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How to Crochet along Both Sides of a Foundation Chain Creating an Oval

Sometimes you need to create an oval either for a purse bottom, a scarf or motif. An easy way is to work along both sides of your foundation chain.

Video: Crochet Along Both Sides of Foundation Chain Creating an Oval

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oval-baseI’m using single crochets, but you can use any stitch appropriate for your project. Work as normal along one side of the foundation chain. However, when you get to the end, instead of chaining one and turning to work another row for single crochets, make three single crochets (or appropriate stitch) in the last stitch, creating a rounded end. Continue to work along the opposite side of the foundation chain using the loops that are left. Weave in the yarn tail as you work so you don’t have to weave it in later.

When you get to the last loop, match the other end by working three single crochets into the last loop. You’ll need to know where the oval ends so mark the stitch with a stitch marker, a safety pin or some yarn tied into the stitch.

Keep working around the oval in a spiral. As you continue to work three single crochets in each end stitch, the stitch marker will keep moving up. When you finally finish the oval, you’ll know where to stop and secure the end.

doggie-biscuitI’ve used this technique to make a doggy bone toy for my dog. The free pattern is found under Simple & Sensational patterns – Doggie Biscuit Toy.




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