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How to Crochet with Mesh Yarn

There are several companies producing a variegated acrylic yarn which, when spread out, looks like a mesh web. Its principle use is to create ruffles for decorating other items or making a scarf.

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One mesh yarn is made by Bernat (www.bernat.com). Two versions of a crocheted ruffled scarf using this yarn are available on my website Afghan Stitch Ruffled Scarf and Double Crochet Ruffled Scarf. Another mesh yarn is made by Red Heart (www.redheart.com) – Boutique Sashay. How to make a single crochet ruffled scarf is found at the Red Heart website. (Pictures of ruffled scarves made from these two different yarns are below.)

Some of the differences between the two mesh yarns are:

Bernat’s mesh is smaller, a G/6 (4mm) or H/8 (5mm) hook works best with it. The Red Heart mesh is much larger so a J/10 (6mm) or K/10.5 (6.5mm) hook works well with it.

The Bernat yarn has a flat finish. The Red Heart yarn sparkles due to a silver thread running through out.

Especially when using the darker colors, I worked the Bernat yarn against a light background (putting a light towel over my lap) so I could see the spaces more easily. This wasn’t necessary for the Red Heart yarn since the spaces were much larger.

The Bernat mesh can be crocheted using either edge. The Red Heart mesh has two distinct edges. One is a border woven with silver thread and is not to be crocheted. The opposite edge has a doubled row. You crochet this yarn using the row just below the doubled edge.

To work the Bernat yarn skip 1″ (2.5cm) or roughly two mesh spaces between each stitch. Because of the larger meshes, the Red Heart yarn is usually worked by skipping one space between stitches.

To make each scarf I worked six stitches across each row. Six double crochets with the Bernat yarn and six single crochets with the Red Heart yarn. For a demonstration of each technique go to: YouTube.com Tanis Galik Double Crochet Ruffled Scarf for the double crochet method and www.RedHeart.com yarn boutique-sashay for the single crochet method.

Initially the Red Heart yarn worked up a little faster. However, once I was in a double crochet rhythm with the Bernat, it required about the same time to make each scarf.

One skein of the Bernat yarn made a scarf about 38″ (96.5cm) long; the Red Heart scarf was about 40″ (101.5cm) in length. Obviously, two skeins created an extra long scarf equaling twice the length – 76″ (193cm) or 80″ (203cm).

As you can see from the pictures, each mesh yarn crochets into a beautiful ruffled scarf. It’s just a matter of personal choice as to which scarf you prefer.

Bernat Ruffled Scarf or the Red Heart Ruffled Scarf

Bernat Ruffled ScarfDark Purple Red Ruffled Scarf



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