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Hugs for Homeless Animals – Snuggles Project

Hugs for Homeless Animals is a nonprofit organization dedicated to homeless and displaced animals worldwide. The Snuggles project was founded by Rae French in 1996.

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Snuggles are security blankets for shelter animals. They provide physical and psychological comfort to the animals awaiting new homes. Sizes are:
14″ x 14″ for cats and small animals
24″ x 24″ for cats and small to medium dogs
36″ x 36″ for medium to large dogs

Sizing does not have to be exact. Snuggles can be made of acrylic or cotton in any color or pattern so you can use your stash of yarn to make them. The ends should be double-knotted and fastened off long and woven through the work to prevent unraveling from washing and wear. Make them thick for comfort and warmth, but please no fringe or decorations.

You can send your completed Snuggles to the headquarters (information pdf file located www.snugglesproject.org at bottom of page). You may donate yarn to the headquarters too.

However, you can donate your Snuggles directly to a local shelter or animal rescue group. At www.h4ha.org (Hugs for Homeless Animals) or www.snugglesproject.org (at bottom of page), there is a Worldwide Shelter Directory that will help you locate shelters in your area.

Whichever way you donate your Snuggles, be sure to report your donation on the www.snugglesproject.org form at the bottom of the page so they can keep tract of the work being done.

thumb SnugglesYou can find several patterns at their website; however, here is the one I’ve used:

Hook: M
Yarn: Worsted Weight

Note: Work with 2 strands of yarn of the same or different colors

Chain to desired length + 1 for the turning chain.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across.
Row 2: Ch 1 and turn; sc in each sc across.

Repeat Row 2 until desired size is reached.

If you would like to add an edge, work reverse sc (or crab stitch) around the Snuggle with 3 sts in each corner.

Finish: Sl st in 1st st and end off yarn. Leave a long tail to securely weave through the fabric.


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