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Adding Wire to Your Crochet Projects

Incorporating wire into some of your projects gives them extra body. I used a 20-gauge craft wire that you can find in a craft store’s jewelry section. Of course, what is nice – the wire comes in a variety of colors. I used black for this project since I worked with black nylon yarn for the hat brim.

It’s best to work with a tight stitch like a single crochet. As you work a simple single crochet, carry the wire along the back of the stitch so it won’t show. If you use a larger stitch like a double crochet, it probably will peek through some of the spaces. But if you just use a normal single crochet, the wire will be encased as you carry it along the back of your project. It’s quite simple to do and it adds a lot of body and flexibility to whatever you’re making.

When you have completed the wire, make sure you leave a little end sticking out. Then cut your wire. You will have two ends – at the beginning and the end.  Fold over the wire ends. Normally I would try to carry them up into the next row and work over the ends again to help cover them up. Ultimately you will have to take a needle and a thread that matches your yarn to sew over the ends.  Completely cover the ends. This will hold them in place and protect you from the sharp points.

I’ve used wire to enhance certain projects, especially the brim of a hat to add body and flexibility to it so it can be rolled up if I choose to wear it that way. It also helps to hold its shape. Purses are another project that can benefit from using wire for added strength and shaping.




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