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Afghan or Tunisian Crochet – Knitting with a Crochet Hook

The beauty of this stitch is the textured knit-like fabric it creates. The Knit Stitch results in columns of inverted “V’s” so it really looks like knitting, but it’s all done with an Afghan or Tunisian crochet hook.

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Knit TKnit 2


To work a Knit Stitch:

1. Cast on: *Insert hook between front vertical bar and back vertical bar to create the V, yo, pull through adding a loop to your hook; repeat from * across, ending by inserting hook under final 2 loops of chain stitch edge.

Note: Sometimes it can be a little confusing since the inverted “V” pattern is not evident in the row you are working. To keep track of the vertical bars, remember that you skip 2 vertical bars – back vertical bar of previous stitch and front vertical bar of next stitch – then insert the hook.

2. Cast-off: *Yo, pull through 2 loops on hook; repeat from * across row, ending with one loop on hook.

Return to regular crochet hook and bind off with a single crochet or slip stitch.

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