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Halos of Hope® – Comfort for those living through the side effects of chemotherapy

When I was at Stitches West, one of the charities present was Halos of Hope®, founded by Pamela Haschke, IBC Survivor since 2004. At www.halosofhope.org Pamela states:

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“The most apparent aspect of chemo is hair-loss. I thought this was going to be the easiest part of the treatment I would experience. After all, it’s only hair. And it grows back.

Your hair falls out in clumps and your scalp hurts feeling like pinpricks where the hair follicles used to be. It’s not possible to perform a simple an act like running your fingers through your hair without strands becoming entwined. As the chemotherapy eradicates the cancer cells within your body, you’re recovering internally while the pain on your scalp makes you want to cry.

My favorite scarves & hats were those that people made for me because I knew they were made with affection and love. And sometimes a soft cap works wonders when you tire of wearing the wig, or just need to kick about the house.”

There are some lovely cap patterns donated by various designers to be used for Halos of Hope®. Two of my favorites are (each takes one ball of yarn):

  • Mary Beth Temple’s Halos of Hope® Chemo Cap which is a simple cloche found at http://alpacaaddict.blogspot.com First Project for 2012.
  • Kim Guzman’s Charleston Cloche, a stylish cloche made with Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller™ Washable Ewe is found at http://stitchnationyarn.com free patterns.
  • Another great one especially for beginners is Easy Sideways Hat found at www.LionBrand.com free patterns. It’s worked flat using self-striping yarn (Amazing) and then seamed together.

Hat Guidelines:
New, unworn
Washable (preferred)
“Soft” means comfort to a bald head
Cottons are an excellent choice.
If the cap contains any wool, please label the cap; some people have wool sensitivity.
Hats made with thinner yarns and fabrics are ideal for summer.
Fleece, heavier yarns and fabrics are great for late fall and winter.
Scarves and turbans are also needed. Cotton knits are an excellent choice.
Sleep caps are also needed. Best when seamless or soft-seamed, and made from thinner, lightweight yarns or lightweight fabrics.

Head CircumferenceHat Sizing:
Head Circumference Chart

For an accurate head measure, place a tape measure across the forehead and measure around the full circumference of the head. Keep the tape snug for accurate results.

Head Circumference Chart

Finished hats can be mailed to the P.O. Box listed below or dropped off at one of their participating locations:

General mailing address:
Halos of Hope
P.O. Box 1998
Arlington Heights, IL 60006-1998

List of drop-off locations found at http://halosofhope.org How to Donate Caps.


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