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Crochet a Bobble

Sometimes you want to add some interest to your project by including a decorative stitch. One way is to incorporate Bobbles into your baby blanket, afghan, scarf, purse or motif.

Video: Crochet a Bobble

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bobble-stitchThe Bobble is worked into one chain or stitch. I’m using a double crochet; however, a longer stitch may be required for your pattern or design.

Yarn over, insert hook into the space, yarn over and pull through. Work only half of a double crochet. So yarn over and pull through two loops on the hook. Leave remaining loops on the hook. Repeat the process of creating half of a double crochet until you reach the number of desired loops on your hook. Depending on the pattern and how puffy you want the Bobble, there could be 7, 9 or more loops on your hook. It is good to give the loops an extra stretch so you have room. Yarn over and pull through all the loops on your hook. Lock the Bobble with a slip stitch. Push the Bobble’s center forward to have the Bobble puff to the front.

bobble-thumbIt creates a great and simple decorative stitch that adds dimension to your designs.



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