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Crochet a Picot

Picots can be used to create a nice edging for your project. However, they can also create texture and add a decorative element inside your fabric as well.

Video: Crochet a Picot

Your pattern will tell you exactly how many chains to include in the picot used. Three chains are typical. There are two ways to secure the picot.

picot-regularOne way is to chain three (or the prescribed number) and insert the hook back into the first chain. Work a slip stitch. This creates the picot or knob.



picot-scAnother way is to chain three and then insert the hook not into the first chain, but under the front loop and side of loop of the base single crochet. Yarn over and pull it through all three loops on the hook.

Here is a different look to the resulting picots. The knob or picot created when you work through the single crochet is a little bigger and more squared. It is also sturdier.

A series of picots make a nice edging and this is how they are is often used. However, you can push the picot forward and continue to work a single crochet row straight across the back. When you turn the fabric around, you’ll have added an interesting dimension or texture to your fabric.


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