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Crochet a Single Crochet Diagonal Woven Scarf

Create a beautiful scarf with single crochets and the chain stitch. It’s a great project for using your yarn stash!

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sc-diagonal-scarfOver the past month I’ve been making scarves to donate to various charities. One design has a simple single crochet base with chain stitch eyelet spaces.

Since the base is single crochets, you need to use a very soft yarn with a larger-than-normal hook. The reason: you want to create a very soft, flexible fabric for the scarf. You can use a single-colored yarn or mix it up with several yarns from your stash creating stripes.

After following the pattern noted above, the result is a lovely eyelet patterned scarf. Simply add fringe and you have a great scarf. If you choose, you can take some decorative yarn or combine several different yarns to weave through the eyelet spaces, creating an eye-catching diagonal pattern. Add fringe in the various woven colors and you have a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one.


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