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How to Add a Buttonhole to an Afghan or Tunisian Crochet project.

Adding a buttonhole to an Afghan or Tunisian Crochet project is not hard if you know what to do.

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First decide where you want to add the button. Measure the button against the fabric. My button fits over four boxes. It’s important to remember that the Afghan Stitch is stretchy so the buttonhole will stretch with use. Since I’m adding my buttons to a pillow, there will be very little buttoning and unbuttoning. However, if you are working on an article of clothing, you may want to make the opening smaller – at least one block less – since the buttonhole will stretch with use.



It is also important to know how many loops are on your hook for the cast on row, because you may add or lose loops while creating the buttonhole row.

buttonhole1Cast on normally across the row, working to the spot where you want to add the buttonhole. Cast one more loop on the hook for the beginning edge of the buttonhole. Work three single crochets across the next three blocks. (Insert the hook under your next front bar, yarn over, pull a loop on the hook, yarn over and pull it through the last two loops on the hook to make a single crochet.)

After completing the three single crochets, you have the bottom of your buttonhole made. Continue working across the row with the basic Afghan stitch. Count your loops – remembering to include the three single crochets which are not on the hook now.

Cast off across the row until you arrive at the buttonhole. Form the top of the buttonhole by chaining three to match the bottom of the buttonhole (3 sc). Continue across casting off until you reach the end of the row.



Cast on the next row as you normally would. When you get to the buttonhole, insert the hook through the back loop of the chain stitch, yarn over, pull through and add a loop to the hook. The reason to work through the back loop is so you will have a clean chain on the other side forming the top of the buttonhole. Repeat twice more so you have added three loops for the three chain stitches.

Continue across the row casting on loops. Count your loops to be sure you haven’t added or dropped loops. Cast off as usual.

The buttonhole is complete. It may look a little loose; however, as you add rows to finish the project’s edge, the fabric will tighten.


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