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Crochet a Spike or Eyelash Stitch

Create interesting designs with the decorative Spike or Eyelash Stitch.

Video: Crochet a Spike or Eyelash Stitch

spike2Your pattern will specify what type of stitch (sc, hdc, dc) to use and how many rows down to insert the hook. As an example, I’m using a single crochet and I’m inserting my hook down into a specified row, yarn over and pull through. Be sure to pull the yarn up equal to the current row. Yarn over and pull through all loops on hook, completing a single crochet. Open the V with your thumb nail so the Spike is more clearly defined. Do not work into the stitch behind the spike or eyelash stitch.

This pattern contains a foundation chain of 8 + 3. In the second chain from the hook begin your single crochet row. Work four single crochet rows.

spikest1With a new color work the Spike Stitch row – 1 single crochet in next 2 single crochets, *Spike down 1 row, Spike down 2 rows, Spike down 3 rows, Spike down 4 rows, Spike down 3 rows, Spike down 2 rows, Spike down 1 row and finish with 1 single crochet in next 2 single crochets. Repeat from * across row. Work 4 single crochet rows.

With new color either repeat design as previously worked or change design so longest Spike fits between the 2 single crochets.

The design options are limited only by your imagination with this easy stitch.


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