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Corkscrew Fringe

Looking for a fun addition to a scarf or afghan? Try Corkscrew Fringe. It’s easy to make and looks great!

Video: Crochet Corkscrew Fringe

picot-scarfBegin with a chain. Depending on how long you want the fringe, make a chain that length. It will tighten up a little so be sure to take this into consideration.

If you are going to tie the individual fringe on afterwards, make sure you leave a long yarn tie. However, you can also add the fringe as part of a complete edging. This way you won’t have to weave ends in.

If you don’t want the fringe to be wide, use single crochets. I wanted my fringe to be wider so I used double crochets.

Start with 23 chains. It’s good to work the chains loosely. In the fourth chain from the hook, make a double crochet. In the same chain work two more double crochets. (The first chain-3 counts as one double crochet.) Work four double crochets in each chain across. (If you are using single crochets, you probably want to work only two or three single crochets in each chain.) Continue to working along the chain, working four double crochets in each chain. You’ll notice it will start to curl by itself. The outside or wrong side will create the curl.

Corkscrew Fringe edging. When you finish your scarf or afghan do not fasten off the yarn. Begin the fringe edge by chaining 23. In the fourth chain from the hook, make three double crochets. Then work four double crochets in each chain up to the last three chains. Work a single crochet into each of the last top three chains so the fringe top won’t be bulky. Work four single crochets along the bottom edge of the scarf or afghan. Continue working across the edge adding a corkscrew with four single crochets in between, ending with a corkscrew at the opposite corner.

Fasten off the yarn and weave in ends. Repeat on the other side of the scarf or afghan.

Corkscrew Fringe will add an unusual decorative touch to your scarf or afghan.


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