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Join As You Go Crochet by Lily Chin

Lily Chin has done it again with her DVD – Join As You Go Crochet! Now you have a way to create a Tunisian Crochet afghan without having to join numerous panels after the fact.

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The first technique demonstrated in this DVD is how to make the back loop of your foundation chain stand out so you can easily find it. Working through the back loop leaves a complete chain stitch on the opposite side so no finishing edge is needed. If you have trouble finding that loop or your stitches are too tight, Ms. Chin reveals how to use another yarn to end that problem.

Next she explains numerous ways to join new crochet on the right, top, bottom and left of an initial crochet project allowing you to add a new piece as you work with single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and patterns. There are also projects presenting different ways you can used these joins.

For me the most useful technique is the Tunisian Crochet join. When normally working Tunisian Crochet your panel is limited by the length of the Afghan hook used. To create a larger project such as an afghan, you need to join numerous panels together or use an Afghan hook with an extension. Neither option is ideal. Now Ms. Chin demonstrates how to join a new Tunisian panel with the previous panel so you can build on your base panel and add as many panels as you wish without the bulky join or awkwardness of working with an extension. It definitely is a technique I will be using soon.


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